Let Matt’s Landscaping take care of all your landscaping needs.  Get your property on a regulated schedule to perform seasonal tasks like clean ups, periodic maintenance such as mowing or fertilizing and scheduled visits to keep your ever changing landscape just the way you like it.

 Weekly Maintenance – Matt’s Landscaping can serve all your mowing and maintenance needs. During our visits, our technicians will keep a sharp eye out for anything your landscape may need and we’ll notify you if we find something that might need attention.

Lawn Care Programs – We offer full service lawn care including fertilizing, weed prevention and more.  Ask us about our sister company, Bee Green Lawn Care! Refer a friend and save money!

Aeration – Your lawn, like people, needs to breathe.  Get your lawn’s roots the oxygen, nutrients and water they need to thrive.  Matt’s Landscaping has the right equipment and trained technicians to aerate your lawn properly.

Overseeding – Let us take care of your lawn’s thin areas.  A thick, lush lawn is less susceptible to weed growth and more resistant to disease.  We have the equipment to get the seeds where they serve you best: in the ground at the root level.

Tree & Shrub – Matt’s Landscaping can fertilize, prune or remove your trees and shrubs to ensure your yard is working best for you.

Spring & Fall Clean Ups – New England’s tough winter takes it’s toll on your property.  Let us take care of your spring clean ups and prepare your property for winter in the fall.

Mulch Installation – Matt’s Landscaping offers delivery and installation of mulch as well as other materials.  Ask us what we have in stock.   If we don’t have it, we can get it for you fast!