Taking care of our environment is everyone’s responsibility.  Matt’s Landscaping can help “streamline” your yard to make it work better for you and the natural environment in your area.

Erosion Control – Your land can lose important nutrients to erosion.  Talk to us about simple solutions to maximize water retention and prevent soil runoff.

Slope Stabilization – Planting the right ground cover can help stabilize any slopes in your yard and reduce bare soil exposure.

Wetlands Replication – Wetlands are nature’s filtering system.  New construction can cause a disruption of our natural environment, let Matt’s Landscaping help create a new wetland area on your property.

Hydro Seeding – Hydro seeding is an efficient way to seed a new lawn.  This method involves spraying a  mixture directly onto your prepared lawn area.  Hydro seeding mixtures have less weed content and provide their own protective mulch, growing 3 -5 times faster than traditional dry seeding.

Proper Planting – Every yard is unique and each provides it’s own challenges to better utilize the land area.  A natural wind screen can help reduce the drying in your lawn as well as provide privacy, saving you money on water and maintenance.  Certain flowers and trees can help attract birds and other wildlife to your yard and provide protection for less hardy plants.