Brick Patios and Walkways

Patio CirclesBricks have a classic, enduring look but they have also been changed for the better over the years.  They now come in a variety of designs and color schemes.  Changes in manufacturing techniques have also added significantly to the life of a brick.

The traditional brick patio or walkway was made with a rectangular, red colored brick.  Nowadays, you have nearly endless options of colors and shapes.  Using combinations, you can break away from the simplistic look and work in decorative patterns by altering the colors of the bricks or using a unique design.  Bricks come in a wide array of colors and are available in a number of shapes from simple squares and rectangles to complex circular shapes.  The different styles of brick can be combined to come up with a unique pattern that is custom designed to fit your preferences.  You can even add more variety by mixing in pavers.

Bricks are a durable addition to your yard.  They require little maintenance and are very easy to repair in case of accidental damage.  Bricks are able to take years of foot traffic and can easily handle even the heaviest of patio furniture.  They are resistant to fading from exposure to the sun and can withstand decades of weathering even in the harsh extremes of New England.

Each yard offers its own unique possibilities.  Make this year the year you add that walkway or patio and begin enjoying your new yard this summer!  Matt’s Landscaping has over thirty years of experience working with brick and stone.  Tell us your ideas and we will work with you to create your customized dream landscape.  Call us today for a free estimate!

Re-Design Your Landscape

During the long New England winter, it’s easy to forget we even have a yard out there under all that snow.  The rakes are left unused, the dust piles up on your mower and it seems that spring will never come.  But, no matter how much snow mother nature throws at us, the spring always arrives and, with it, plans for the next new addition to your yard can begin!

Matt’s Landscaping can handle all phases of design in your landscape.  Your yard is your sanctuary, your vacation spot that’s just outside your back door.  Why not customize it to your specifications?

Outdoor kitchens are growing in popularity.  Perhaps you’ve been thinking of a new patio by your pool, a new brick walkway, or some stone walls around the property.  If you can think of it, we can help you make it a reality.  Thirty years in business gives us the experience and expertise to help you make your landscape a showpiece.

Your landscape can be beautiful as well as functional.  With expert help, find out what kinds of trees can help provide a shady spot to relax under in the summer, and allow the sun’s warmth to help reduce your heating in the winter.  Water runoff can be a problem, especially in older homes.  A re-design of your yard can save you the trouble of a damp cellar or, even worse, water damage to your home.  When was the last time your trees and shrubs were pruned?  An experienced pruner can make your trees stronger and healthier as well as blooming bigger and better than before.  Expand your flower beds or add some new eye-catching color to your yard.

Tell us your ideas and we will work with you to create your customized dream landscape.  Call us today for a free estimate!

Winter Tree and Stump Removal

Winter can be a tough time on your trees.  Everything from small twigs to large branches can fall off when the weight of snow is added.  Sometimes, this can leave a mess to clean up in the spring, but occasionally it can cause a problem such as blocking your driveway or walkway and even power loss when they take out an electrical line on the way down.

The good news is, winter is a great time to take trees down.  The cold season has several advantages for tree removal.  In the winter, trees are dormant and, as a result, they have less sap and water in them.  This means the tree is lighter and will do less damage to the ground below it as it is brought down.  A frozen lawn will have much less damage from tree limbs and any heavy equipment used to take the tree down.  If there is snow on the ground there will be even less damage to the lawn.

Matt’s Landscaping also has the equipment to remove or grind a stump down.  Tree stumps will attract pests such as termites which can find their way into your home and they can be an eyesore as they slowly rot away over the years.  Let Matt’s Landscaping take care of all your winter tree pruning.  Have a safe and worry free winter.  Call us for a free estimate!

Commercial Snow Plowing

The harsh New England winter must have been on vacation last year, but this year, we have already had one named winter storm, Athena!  There’s no reason to believe this winter will be as mild as last year.

Matt’s Landscaping has over thirty years experience with tough New England winters.  We have the equipment and know-how to keep even the worst winter at bay for you and your business.  From moderate-sized parking lots to industrial properties, no winter storm is too tough for Matt’s Landscaping.

Does your parking lot need more than a pickup truck to take care of your snow?  We have dumptrucks and, if necessary, larger equipment to clear the way for you and your customers.  Matt’s Landscaping owns and operates loaders in order to move and/or remove snow.  As a long winter settles in, your business may need to have the snow removed rather than just pushed back.  You can rest easy knowing our experienced and well-equipped crew is on the job.

But in New England, snow is not the only winter headache.  Ice can be a difficult and potentially very dangerous problem at your business.  Matt’s Landscaping has salting and sanding machinery ready to take care of your winter woes.

Call us today for a free estimate and we’ll take care of you and your company this winter!

Fall Cleanups

The fall can be one of the prettiest times of year.  When you look around at all the colors, it’s easy to forgive your yard for also becoming a maintenance nightmare for a couple of months.

Cleaning up leaves and tree debris can take up a lot of time but it is essential to keeping your lawn healthy.  A small pile of leaves or pine needles can kill the grass underneath it if’s left unchecked for too long.  Fall is also the time to weed out the mulchbeds, dethatch your lawn and aerate.  Getting rid of the extra weeds, soil and dead grass can help strengthen the plants and trees in your yard.  After a whole season of walking and mowing, your lawn can become compacted.  Aeration and dethatching helps more water, air and important nutrients get to your lawn’s roots.  Maximize the benefits of your fall fertilizer by aerating and removing thatch buildup.

Fall is a good time to perform touch-up pruning on your shrubs and trees.  Before they settle in for winter, remember to heavily water your trees and shrubs one last time to help keep them hydrated during the long winter months.  Anytime before the ground freezes will work.

The fall is also a great time for planting.  Plant your spring bulbs now and you can be sure your tulips and daffodils will come up in the spring.  It’s important to keep an eye on weather trends, though.  A late fall warm spell could cause the bulbs to sprout early, while planting them after it’s too cold means they may not properly root.

Since you won’t be needing your gardening tools in the winter, the fall is the perfect time for a little preventive maintenance.  Take a few minutes to clean off excess dirt and debris from your lawn tools before you store them away for winter.  We also recommend applying a little oil on the metal parts to prevent rusting while they are in storage over the winter.

Remember, you don’t have to do all the yard work yourself!  Call Matt’s Landscaping today for a free estimate and see what we can do for you this fall.

Tree & Shrub Planting

Many people think that fall is the end of the growing season and therefore it must not be a good time to plant trees and shrubs, but the fall is actually an ideal time to plant.

In fact, up to six weeks before the yearly frost sets in is a perfect time to plant trees and shrubs in your yard.  Fall begins with the autumn equinox in late September.  Generally, in New England, this time of year brings, cooler, wetter weather.  You may notice more dew on your lawn in the morning.  As a result, a recent planting requires less watering by you because nature takes care of business for you.  You will still need to water, of course, but you can enjoy a relaxed schedule.  During the harsh summer months, a lot of the water you put down is lost to evaporation.  In fall, water evaporates less and the roots get a chance to absorb more, which creates an ideal situation for a tree or shrub which has been recently planted.  During the fall, photosynthesis decreases (because of shorter days) and the plant itself does not have to work as hard to stay alive.  Although the air is cool, the soil stays warmer for longer, encouraging growth in your tree’s root system.  In addition, the tree’s shoots are starting to go dormant, so it can concentrate it’s growth below ground.  All these things add up to a perfect time to plant trees and shrubs.

Traditionally, trees planted in the fall are better equipped to deal with the heat and drought of summer.  They will also have a head start on growth over any trees and shrubs planted in the spring.

Call Matt’s today for a free estimate and see what we can do for you this fall!

Tree Pruning

There is a science to pruning your trees and shrubs, although it is not exactly a cut and dry case.
Tree pruning is an important part of the development of your trees. You can prevent disease or accidents as well as improve the tree’s overall shape and size with a pruning program. Often, we think of tree pruning as simply preventing a tree from growing too large to fit our landscape. However, tree pruning can help a tree grow larger and healthier, if it is done correctly.
The most common reason to trim your trees is to get rid of deadwood. Any dead branches are not going to grow back and there is no reason to keep them. Eventually, deadwood will rot and fall off the tree, damaging your landscape or even your car or home.
In order to shape a tree there are particular ways to trim certain branches and encourage growth in others. For example, you may have more sun on one side of your tree than another. As a result, the tree may be growing more on the sunny side and may be thin on the shady side. With proper pruning, the tree can be evened out and will be stronger and more resistant to the damaging effects of a harsh New England storm. You can prevent excessive weight on one side of a tree with regular pruning and monitoring of the tree. If a branch is getting to be too large (specifically is about 1/2 the size of the tree’s trunk or larger) it may be a good idea to trim it back or remove it entirely. Heavier outer branches can put a strain of the interior of a tree, making it weaker and more susceptible to breaking. Proper tree pruning can not only make your yard look nicer, but it can make your yard safer! If your trees and shrubs need help, call Matt’s Landscaping for a free estimate.

Outdoor Fireplaces

Now that summer is officially upon us, we find ourselves spending a lot more time outside. The long summer days often end around the grill out on the patio, enjoying time with family and friends. Many more people are taking the time to install small fire pits or purchase a Chiminea to enjoy the atmosphere of a warm fire and a cold drink.

However, the days of gathering a few stones in a circle for a fire are gone. With new developments in block technology and masonry techniques, an outdoor fireplace can be every bit as advanced as an indoor one. You can choose from a simple circular pattern up to a complex design with a decorative chimney complete with wood storage and cooking surfaces. Professionally designed and built outdoor fireplaces are safe, too!

Hardscape materials come in all shapes and sizes. There are several types of stone to choose from if you want a traditional look. Bricks are a traditional and popular method of construction. Newer products such as those sold by Techo-Bloc, can offer up a combination of the stone look with the consistency and strength of a manufactured block. Essentially, anything you can imagine can be designed and built, the only limitations you’ll have are related to the amount of room you would like to set aside for your outdoor living space.

Matt’s Landscaping has thirty years of experience with masonry. Let our experts work with you on the design and construction of the ultimate outdoor getaway right in your own back yard! Call Matt’s today for a free estimate.

Outdoor Kitchens

The unofficial start to summer is here. As warmer weather settles in, our desire to head outside increases. Many of us look forward to our time out on the deck or patio, grilling our favorite foods and enjoying the long summer days. There are many options to re-landscape your yard and create a customized outdoor kitchen that fits your property and your lifestyle.

There are many options available for an outdoor kitchen. The simple design might involve a new brick patio and a stainless steel gas grill. However, with new developments in pavers and blocks, you are limited to only what your imagination can come up with. Outdoor kitchens can now have all the advantages of an indoor kitchen including built in propane grills, storage cabinets and even working sinks.

Depending on the amount of space you would like to use, an outdoor kitchen can also feature a bar. Firepits are a common addition to patios these days and with the new block styles available they can come in all shapes and sizes from a simple circular design all the way up to a large, custom chimney right in your back yard.

Matt’s Landscaping has thirty years of experience in stone masonry. We have the experience and expertise to build you a customized outdoor kitchen. To see a few of the options available, visit or call our office today at 508-226-1859 to set up an appointment. Your outdoor kitchen is just a phone call away!

Planting Takes Patience

The past winter was the mildest we have had in years and, as a result, spring seems to be coming early.  The leaves are coming out on the trees about a month in advance.  Grass is no longer dormant and is beginning to grow weeks ahead of schedule.  However, even with all these signs of spring, we need to remember that we should still follow the same planting schedules as we always have.

When we are getting seventy and even eighty degree days in the middle of March, the temptation to start planting annuals or seeding our vegetable gardens can be too much.  But, even though we are seeing signs of an early spring, it still doesn’t mean that cold weather can’t make a comeback.  In April of 1997, we had a snowstorm that shut down most local businesses and schools.  Nature rarely looks at the calendar when it comes to growing plants, but we should.  Recent warm weather gave way to extreme cold nights and any plantings that are not able to withstand a frost will still wither and can even die prematurely regardless of how warm it was during the day.  History has almost always shown that no matter what the daily weather is like, you should still follow your normal planting schedules.

In spite of the warm days, our nights have recently been in the thirties and even twenties.  Flowers and vegetables, especially those raised in a greenhouse, simply can’t withstand that kind of cold.  Typically, New England’s weather has been historically OK for planting between the second and third week of May.  Even though we’ve been blessed with a mild winter and a seemingly early spring, you should still wait to plant your flowers and vegetables… for their sake.